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Check out my Redesigned Site!

Click Here to check out my newly redesigned site with new photos and such. I’ve started to come back into doing photography. Enjoy 🙂


Redesign Time.

I’m redesigning my site again. I’ll post when I’m done 🙂

My Website

My Website has gotten a facelift. 

Eternity BLV NOTTE

Eternity BLV NOTTE

Photo shoot with beauty accessory for my Studio Class.

Mirror Ball

Using a broken disco ball thingy… I decided to do a world type shot haha
Done in studio


©2013 NECphoto

Shots of Red

Shots of Red

So for a class project, I had to do glassware with light reflection. my class partner and I came up with this. It was fun.

©2013 necphoto. Please do not screw around with my photo. Written permission is required for use.


Welcome to my blog. I will post photos and other stuff. It is under construction at the moment.
Please visit my Portfolio Website to see my photos at the moment.

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